God's Masterpiece

God's Masterpiece

Do you have a favorite artist? Maybe it's Robert Baitman, Emily Carr, or our very own Anita Moody. All these painters have diferent styles.  Some of you might be a talented photographer, a writer, or a painter.  In some way or another, we can all take an image and portray it in our own way.  But where does this image come from?  Anything that we could ever imagine, or see comes from God.  He is the ultimate artist. Take a moment to let that sink in. 

Think of it like this.  God is the painter of every sunrise, and sunset.  There are no two the same.  In fact, every minute the sky is changing, and he is the artist of it all.  Could we create a masterpiece like that every moment of the day?  Absolutely not.  What we can do is take HIS beautiful masterpiece and recreate it in our own way; afterall, the greatest form of flattery is imitation.  Every painting, every photograph, every beautiful thought comes from Him. 

As Pastor Mark preaches about Spiritual Gifts, I can't help but think of artists.  God has truely gifted some with the ability to recreate His own masterpiece.  He looks down on you with pride as you do what He has gifted you to do.

As a painter, I am SO amazed with God's creation.  It takes me weeks to create a painting that I think portrays His masterpiece well.  So when I see a beautiful sunset, I just think...wow.  God is incredible. 

When you look outside, remind yourself that God created ALL of that.  I don't think he gets quite enough credit. :)


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Didi Teufel about 2 years ago

I sure do agree with you, Olivia! Well written. And, coming from you, well blessed in the visual arts, this piece is even more solid. Thanks for taking the time, His time, to share with us.