When is our next Dine'N'Dash?

Dine'n'Dash for the month of April is on Thursday, May 24! Read More

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God's Masterpiece

Do you have a favorite artist? Maybe it's Robert Baitman, Emily Carr, or our very own Anita Moody. All these painters have diferent styles.  Some of you might be a talented photographer, a writer, or a painter.  In... Read More

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So who ever told me that being a Christian was easy forgot to tell me a few things…   Who ever told me that it’s simple that it’s not difficult, forgot a large part of what Jesus actually talks about. Its sometimes... Read More

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Not a spirit of fear... but of Power

Can I do what Jesus has asked if I still have fear?   How can I rid myself of fear so that I can live a life focused on Jesus?   Lets be honest with one another, we have more fear in the western world than most of... Read More

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Pleasing Aroma

Ok So I am not sure how to start this one off!   I want to share with you a revelation that I had from scripture today. I have decided, that along with my regular reading and study, to add on Leviticus. I can almost... Read More

OSL Testimonies!

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Sunday Announcements

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What's Your Word From Jesus?

Two weeks ago I felt the Lord ask me to challenge everyone to seek God for a word for the year. This is a word, from God, that you can live by this year. It’s something that will help you continually put your trust... Read More

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Temptation! RUN!

I have been actively doing a class at our church called OSL, Operation Solid Lives. Lame name, I know, but it is one of the best classes I have done in a long time. Not only am I feeling loved by God, but am... Read More

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A Single Word

When we look at our year ahead of us, we can often feel overwhelmed and taken back by what the year holds for us. Maybe your expectation is for a new job, or you hope for a raise. Some of us may be looking to the... Read More