Getting water baptized is a natural step in the growth of a follower of Jesus, who set an example for us by getting baptized himself before starting his ministry.  

Water baptism is the external expression of what has already happened inside your heart. Here's why:

We fully immerse each individual in water, which symbolizes going down into a grave. A part of trusting Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins and eternal life is dying to yourself (your own wants and desires) and putting God first.

Jesus died for all of humanity and was himself put in a grave, so you are identifying with his death through baptism.  This also means that you can take part in his resurrection, because Jesus didn't stay in the grave! When we 'dunk' people we don't leave them under the water, just like Jesus has not left us in death, but by coming back out of the water you are identifying with the new life that only Jesus can give you.  (We are also not into drowning people!)

Water is used to clean and when you put your trust in Jesus he cleansed you of your sin.  That's such good news! 

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