The Call

The Call

This up and coming Wednesday we will be diving into the Word of God and looking at the life of Joshua. We will observe how God called and equipped one of Israel's greatest leaders, and discuss what God's call may look like in our very own lives. And trust me, God is calling. He's calling you! 

Last Saturday night was awesome! Big shout out to our worship team consisting of  Levi + Adam + Chas + Sean. These wonderful gentlemen will be leading us again on Wednesday night as we continue to give God the glory! If you are in any way interested in helping lead worship at One Way Youth please contact me and let me know :) 

Open your Bibles to Joshua 1:1-9 before Wednesday comes and open your hearts up wide. I really believe God's got something special in store for each of you! He did for me! 

Also, after the service we will be playing dodgeball with a twist, so be ready to get your blood pumping!

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