Qualitown has developed an initiative to support the homeless in the community. Our main goal is to fight homelessness by working with local nonprofits that support this cause. Today, we face the global pandemic—the Coronavirus; the virus is deadly and spreads like wildfire. Qualitown strives to ensure that the homeless stay safe by providing them with masks and sanitizers and encouraging them to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

Many people without homes spend their time outdoors without access to any fundamental care and hygienic resources to protect and create a sense of well-being.  In both cases, having a home would make them much safer, especially during a viral pandemic. After in-depth research and discussions, Qualitown plans to provide snack packs as nutritional support to the homeless and caution them from the drastic economic impacts caused by the pandemic. We aim to be providing the snack packs alongside other personal hygiene items on Tuesdays.
The impact also targets to benefit the community and businesses that suffer significant disturbances. With a collective effort, we could make our community a loving and safe environment for everyone.
With your help, we can see that veterans, families, children, and others make it through these challenging times.

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