Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Can you find/design a Christmas sweater uglier than the event photo? Good luck! 

We will be starting at 6:00pm December 17. The night will consist of a Christmas Dinner, Secret Santa, Games and a Christmas movie!! And the night will be *wrapping up* at about 10:00pm! 

Attire - Wear the ugliest Christmas sweater you can possibly imagine and if you have the ugliest of them all you will win the grand prize. And trust me, it's grand alright!

Dinner - If your last name starts with letters A-K bring a Dessert option to the dinner to share with everyone. If you last name starts with letters L-Z bring a hot dinner dish to the dinner to share with everyone. We're having a pot luck! Get cooking if you know how, and get your parents cooking if you don't. The more food the better! Tell your parents about this ASAP so they know!! And then tell me what your parents are able to make so that we don't have 8 Fruit Salads on the table. 

Secret Santa - If you would like to participate in Secret Santa all you need to do is bring a gift and give it to me at the beginning of the night and we will put it under our tree. Your gift conditions are as is: It should cost 5-10 dollars, be wrapped up all pretty and nice, and not be gender specific. If you bring a gift, you open a gift. What will happen is I will fill a bowl of slips of paper with names to those that brought a gift and draw them for the gifts after our dinner party. If you're not sure about a gift ask me and I'll do my best to help you out. The point is secret so don't tell people which is your gift and you won't be able to control who gets it! I know what I'm buying, how about you?! 

Movie: Bring a pillow for the movie! We will have a couple titles to choose from and vote on what to watch. The movie will conclude the evening. 

I hope you can all make it and know that you are welcome to invite your friends. Spread the word!! Merry Christmas :D

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