New Year. New You?

New Year. New You?

It's a new year but is anything really all that new? Do you want change? How does one go about change? 

Here at One Way Youth we are going to be going through a major transition year. Some of it will be uncomfortable. Some of it will be exciting. The important thing is to remember who we belong to, and who we're doing this all for. God's been very good to us so far, and I trust we are all in good hands. 

This week we will be celebrating and looking to the future with a fresh gaze, ready for more of God. The night will consist of prayer, worship, and a message of encouragement. Of course, we will conclude with some epic games. There will be Ping Pong, Bump, and Gaga Ball. I really hope to see you there, and I also want to see some of your friends. We welcome growth. In fact, we strive for it. So please come ready to grow at youth this year. We're growing together! Are you ready? 

P.S. The Canteen will be open!!

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