I'm New

I'm New

Thanks for checking us out! 
Coming to a new church for the first time can be a scary experience, especially if you don't know anyone. We want to make you feel welcome and know there is a place for you at CLF, and an opportunity for you to contribute to something significant by getting involved. Many new friends are just waiting to be introduced!

If you are visiting during one of our services, please feel free to introduce yourself to one of our Pastors, or fill out one of our visitor cards and someone will be happy to contact you.

What does Sunday Morning Church look like? 

Our Church is uniquely different, like every other church.

-       Worship

  • We Value the contemporary, as well as the classics in worship. We see the need to HONOR, as best we can, everyone’s own worship style. We have a nice blend of old and new. We also take older hymns and retooling them to bring the truth of the words into today’s culture.
  • We dance and move. We see the value in both the movement of worship and the expression of worship. If you need to sit to worship God, you are encouraged to sit. If you need to move and dance, you are encouraged. We Value the personal identity that every worshiper has and encourage it’s expression. We raise our hand, shout, dance, and move for God’s glory.
  • We seek the heart of God in our worship. Our goal is to touch the heart of God and be blessed by his unending LOVE. We actively seek Holy Spirit as we worship, and His outpouring.

-       Sermons

  • We supremely values the truth in the Bible. By Picking apart the verses word by word and seeking out the deeper meaning, we endeavor to discovers the wonderful beauty that is Jesus Christ, God, and Holy Spirit in The Bible. Showing truth for truth. He takes the word of God, The Bible, and showing us the why, how, when, and who each verse is referring.  

If you would like more information about ways you can get involved, or meet new people, contact the church at (250) 287-3476. Our Pastors and staff would be more than willing to help you get "plugged in."

We look forward to meeting you!